In light of recent events, it is with a heavy heart we announce the DDSA will not be hosting our upcoming annual events as we normally would have. With so many public events being cancelled in Ontario, it seems to be the most responsible action, on our part, to do likewise to protect our members and non-members alike.

Even though we cannot be together in person right now, the DDSA is working hard to find alternative ways for us to connect with one another, grow meaningful relationships with each other, and continuing building a supportive community together. Please stay tuned for some exciting things we are planning in this new reality, and we hope to see you all soon!

– Yma Frison, DDSA President

You may have questions and concerns about Down syndrome and Covid-19; the Down Syndrome Association of Ontario (DSAO) has shared this infographic, and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) has gathered many resources and statements you can find in their Health section here: “CDSS/resources/health”

Paul Sawka, Awareness Leader at the CDSS, talks about Covid-19 in his latest blog post; you can read his great answers to questions you may be asking yourself, here: “Paul Sawka Talks About Covid-19”