The DDSA Board of Directors is comprised of nine board members, elected by the members. Board positions are two year terms with elections being held at the DDSA Annual General Meeting in odd numbered years. 

Qualifications for being a Board Member are as follows: be at least 18 years of age, be a DDSA member for the duration of the term (or obtain membership within 10 days of being elected) and not be an undischarged bankrupt.

Should there be a vacancy on the Board of Directors between elections, the directors themselves may fill the vacancy by a majority vote for any person expressing interest in joining the Board of Directors. The appointee shall hold office until the next scheduled elections.

DDSA Board Meetings currently take place the evening of the second Monday of each month.

In order to continue providing DDSA events, a bursary program and building community awareness, it is necessary for the DDSA to have a full Board of Directors.

Currently the following position(s) need to be filled:

If you are interested, please contact us at


     Duties include:
     1. Research, propose and organize fundraising initiatives.
     2. The lead organizer (Event Lead) of any fundraising events.
     3. Ensure accurate information is given the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for advertising to our members and the community.
     4. Applying for grants.
     5. Assist the Communications and Marketing Coordinator with the sale and distribution of DDSA promotional items (swag).
     6. Lead a DDSA Fundraising Committee.


     Duties include:
     1. Attend monthly Board Meetings.
     2. Fulfill a changing role to assist in areas which may inlcude, but not limited to, events, fundraising, marketing and communications. 
     3. Liaises with committees and other organizations as needed.
     4. Liaises with other Board of Directors to ensure the smooth function and promotion of the business of the association.