With the new school year rapidly approaching, parents may have many questions and concerns.

The Durham District School Board (DDSB) has submitted their 2020-2021 Special Education Plan to the Ministry. The document can be found on the DDSB website through the link:…/Inclusive-…/Special-Education-Plan.pdf

Some highlights of the document include:

– Up to date information about professional learning planning for 2020-2021 which includes responsiveness/actions related to anti-racist education specifically addressing anti-black racism and anti-Indigenous racism, well-being, and trauma informed practices with an adjustment of our three year plan to be responsive to COVID-related needs.

– Update to reflect change in titling for day treatment programs (Grove School) from CTCC (Care, Treatment, Custody and Corrections) to ECPP (Education Community Partnership Programs)

– Added appendix to capture the supports and amendments to special education processes specific to Distance Learning

If you have any questions regarding these recommendations OR concerns with the recent education announcement, please email us at and we will forward them to our DDSB Seac Representative.

The more information we give, the more we can work together to make changes and find solutions.