Since 1986 the Durham Down Syndrome Association (DDSA) has acted as a resource for health, education and support, to improve the lives of Durham residents who live with Down syndrome. Families in Durham Region saw a need to provide a forum for the full and free discussion by all persons concerned with Down syndrome, including (but without being limited to) diagnosis, medical needs, education, living accommodations, and available financial assistance, public or otherwise.
On March 27, 1986 the DDSA officially became an incorporated registered charity, thanks to the founding families of Catherine S. McKeown, Valerie Dykes, Elaine Palmer and Michael Schoefield. From the start, these families, and others who have joined the DDSA, have worked hard to promote increased knowledge, understanding and awareness of Down syndrome on the part of the public, the teaching & medical profession, and those personally living with Down syndrome. We thank them for bringing our Down syndrome community together to foster and encourage meaningful relationships and support.
Our mission is to continue building a supportive, inclusive community by providing social and active events for people with Down syndrome and their families. Today, we are proudly 60 families strong and growing, with a wide range of ages, interests and abilities.

 DURHAM DOWN SYNDROME ASSOCIATION – “Building a supportive community”